About Los Cabos

The term “Los Cabos” refers to the various areas of the Cabo region of the Southern tip of Baja, California.  The word “Cabo” is Spanish for “Cape”, and in this case refers to the Southern Cape of the peninsula where Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the other communities within this area reside.   Many people only know of Cabo San Lucas, as it is a thriving tourist town.  Where our condo is located, is just about 15 miles east of San Lucas, on the edge of the town of San Jose del Cabo, a small Mexican town which Spanish missionaries founded Mission San Jose in 1730. 
The plentiful water of the San Jose estuary has also attracted humans in the past. The Pericu Indians were well established in the area when Spanish missionaries founded Mission San Jose in 1730. And, centuries ago, pirate ships sailed into the lagoon to lay in wait for the Spanish galleons returning from the Philippines with a treasure in pearls and gold.   There is a lot of history in this area. 
The town of San Jose and the general area:

The La Jolla Complex is located in San Jose del  Cabo, about twenty minutes, or eight miles from the airport. The complex sits on a long beach that fronts the Sea of Cortez. At the North East end of the beach are some larger hotels, while in the area of La Jolla there are several small condominium complexes.  La Jolla is located near the middle of the two ends of the beach.  The town of San Jose has a lot of little shops and services. The downtown area  has an old church and plaza where many local functions take place.  This is also the area of several nice restaurants and tourist shops.  San Jose is an old Mexican colonial town with an easy going and slower pace atmosphere that Cabo San Lucas. San Lucas is a nice place to visit for shops and restaurants, but San Jose is by far less congested and far more quiet. This town has about every kind of shop that you can think of, but does not offer as many options as does the larger city of Cabo San Lucas, about a half hour to the south west. 

San Jose del Cabo Restaurants: Fandango’s, Damiana’s, Tropicana, El Chilar, Tequila Restaurant (more American than Mexican, but very good.), Dante’s (in Los Olas Hotel. Right on the beach, just west of La Jolla). There are many others.

If you are looking for something inexpensive, and very real Mexican, you may want to venture into some areas where mostly Mexicans eat.  For example, I would recommend heading north into San Jose and turning left at the street sign that says “Pescadore”.  This will take you into a neighborhood where a few good local Mexican restaurants are located.  Many menus will have no English, and the employees will not speak any English at all.  We like these restaurants, and would recommend them, if you are looking for real Mexican food.  Expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Cabo San Lucas: There are many good restaurants in the San Lucas area. some that we like are, The Office, Edith’s (expensive), Pancho’s, The Trailer Park ( the old one, hard to find, up in the neighborhood area), Senior Greenburg’s (great for breakfast and lunch only), to name a few.  San Lucas is also known for many shopping options and a lot of hotels, condos and timeshares, as well as timeshare salespeople.

San Jose del Cabo Photos:  If you’re looking for photos, go to the section in Photos, entitled “Miscellaneous People’s Vacations“, and once there, then click on the section from the pull down menu entitled “Barbara’s Photos”.  Barbara and her friends took a number of downtown San Jose shots which are saved there.  Please send us some of your vacation photos too and we’ll put them up there.

Note:  For the record, we like San  Jose far more than Cabo San Lucas, but it’s a personal preference kind of thing.  If you’re looking for loud rock and roll music, much of which is rap music, with a lot of people all around you, and vendors selling their souvenirs on the beach, perhaps you might like one of the hotels at Madono Beach in Cabo San Lucas.  San Lucas has wild nightlife, while San Jose does not.  If perhaps the quiet small Mexican town ambiance of San Jose, with it’s friendly, slow pace atmosphere isn’t for you, then we highly recommend looking for accommodations in San Lucas, if you don’t like the twenty minute drive, or half hour bus ride into that town from our condo complex. 

However, if the smaller town of San Jose is for you, the La Jolla Homeowner Association maintained complex is unparalleled for its well kept grounds and buildings, its proximity to a quite sparsely populated beach.  The location does encourage relaxation if that’s what  you are looking for in your vacation.  And within the La Jolla condo complex, our condos are some of the best situated for privacy and views.