About the Beach

Description of the La Jolla Beach:

The beach is often swimmable, but not always.  It can be swimmable for good swimmers, while not for others at times. Care must be taken to avoid being caught in a breaker at times when the surf is up.  There are times that the beach is not swimmable as the waves, which break very close to shore, are sometimes very large, while at other times, it is as calm as a flat inland lake.  It’s often flat.  When it’s not, this beach should be avoided by children, and/or novice swimmers. But, these conditions change from one day to the next, or one week to the next, as ocean currents are controlled by the moon, etc.   Just west of the La Jolla beach about 200 yards are some well known surfing beaches, with surf board rentals available.  At various times of the year you can sit on the beach and watch the whales just off shore. January is a good month for that.   There is a little palapa, as in this photo below on the beach.  For photos of the beach, click here