About The Condos

Air Conditioned Rooms.

Three pools, one of which is heated.

Full Kitchen with microwave.

Satellite TV, DVD, VCR and AM FM Radio

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration in kitchen of one bedroom only, bottled water on studio.

Third Floor Privacy with vaulted ceilings.

35 Foot tiled veranda with great views of  beach, ocean and pool.

Propane Barbeque on deck, one at each condo.

Beautiful beach with a Palapa.

Screened sliders that open to deck.

Two miles to downtown San Jose.

Walking distance to off property restaurants, bar and mini-store.

Fishing & Sports activities nearby at Palmilla and at La Playita, as well as in San Lucas.

Phone in room of one bedroom unit only.

24 hour security guards. 

Taxi stand in front of building and local bus stop out front, going to both San Jose or San Lucas.

Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Whale Watching, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sea Kayaking, Windsurfing, Surfing (Surfboard rentals within walking distance near “Zippers” restaurant), Horseback Riding near by.      

Size: One bedroom, one bath with a large terrace.

Location: La Jolla Condo complex in San Jose del Cabo is about twenty minutes to the airport and about a half hour Cabo San Lucas. Third floor, building “C”, overlooking pool and Sea of Cortez, right on the beach. About two (2) miles to the town center of San Jose. The condo is on the third floor with vaulted ceilings in a building without an elevator.  But, there is usually people available at the office for assistance with luggage if that’s a problem.

Furnishings: Full kitchen with microwave. Dishwasher in one bedroom condo, not in studio unit. One bedroom sleeps one to four people, while the studio sleeps one to four as well, but in smaller quarters. Description of the Pool:

From the pool, you can see sweeping vistas from Punta Gorda on the East, to Punta Palmilla to the West

Description of the Beach:

The beach can be swimable but is very unpredictable at times..  Some times of the year it’s as calm as in inland lake. And, at other times there are shore breakers and you’d be taking your life in your hands to swim there.  Be careful because even the smaller shore breakers can tumble you into the sand.   At the times when it is not very approachable, you can tell.  At those times it’s not a beach for small children or novice swimmers.  But, at times the conditions change from day to day, and you can play it by ear.  It depends on your swimming abilities, so swim at your own risk. 

Just west of the La Jolla beach about 200 yards is a small surfing beach, with surf board rentals.  There are three surfing beaches, one of which is perfect for beginners.  At various times of the year you can sit on the beach and watch the whales just off shore.  January is a often good month for that.   There is a nice little Palapa on the beach, which offers shade and lounge chairs.  Look in the closet for more chairs and an umbrella. 

There are many other great swimming beaches. One is at the Palmilla, another is at the Hotel Melia Cabo Real, about four or five miles to the west, where you can park in the hotel parking lot, and walk through the hotel complex to the beach. We used to own a timeshare there and know the beach as perhaps the most swim-able beach in all of Cabo.  There are other beaches not far away.  For example, a favorite is near the Twin Dolphins Hotel, which has a walk way down to the beach at Santa Maria, referred to as Santa Maria Beach, also known as Bahia Santa Maria.  I don’t think you can park there at the hotel, but if you take a bus or taxi, they can let you off there and you can then walk down that trail to the beach. There is a parking lot just east of Twin Dolphins, if you follow a dirt road. That beach has the best snorkeling in the entire area.  It’s really great. But, there are times when it’s better than at other times. If you go there, you have to go early, as many tourists show up by about 10am every day.

As for clean swimming water, the water and beaches in this area are all very clean.  For a good time, you may want to take one of their scuba diving packages.  If you are a first timer, you can take a first timer’s scuba lesson trips out at Lands End. You can find them at the Melia Hotel in Cabo San Lucas and other places.  If you’re looking for a local beach with no waves at all, ever, and nice sand, then a mile and a half to the west of La Jolla is the Palmilla Hotel beach, now known as “One and Only Palmilla”, which is protected from the waves and is totally flat.  You’d be hard pressed to find better swimming anywhere.  To get there, take the turn to the Palmilla, then as you descend down into a saddle, before the road goes back up, turn to the left toward the fishing boats, and you’ll see the beach and parking area.  There are some other great beaches.  For example there is Chileno Beach which is also known for great snorkeling.

More, Random Miscellaneous Information:

We’re about around twenty minutes to or from the airport, which is a twelve mile drive. There is a road through the town of San Jose, or for about $26 pesos, which is about $2.60 U.S., give or take, depending upon the current exchange rate, you can take the new toll road around the town, which is really beautiful.  It runs through untouched Sonoran desert, complete with lots of cactus and open views of the mountains nearby and the Sea of Cortez off in the distance.

There are shuttle buses and taxis at the airport, but they’re not cheap. I’ve heard people say that they paid up to $50 for only one way to the La Jolla condos just from the airport, while others have paid closer to $30. It’s believed that the cab drivers are looking for a fare all the way into Cabo San Lucas, and will try to charge you the same, though you are only going half the distance.  In that case, the answer is to ask the other cab drivers what the fare is to the La Jolla condo complex in San Jose BEFORE you get into the taxi.

Also, if you go to www.travelocity.com/ and look for the cheapest rental car for the timeframe you’re looking for, you should find something that’s actually very reasonable. Otherwise, dealing directly with the cab companies, or renting a cab, once you’re there is generally more expensive.  If you do take a taxi to the condo, there are local area buses from the condo going east and west, but they don’t go all the way back to the airport.  The local buses are clean and safe. They cost about three dollars and fifty cents U.S. to go into Cabo San Lucas from the La Jolla condo complex, which is about twenty minutes to the west. And, you can take the same bus into San Jose, but it doesn’t take you to the center of town, and the walk from where it drops you off is a good mile or so down the road through the commercial area of town, to what is called “El Centro”, which is a term for the center of town.  The better deal is to take a taxi from La Jolla, which will run around five or six dollars one way into San Jose, El Centro.

As for drinking water, as mentioned before, we have a reverse osmosis system that is plumbed in at the kitchen sink, which you will find has crystal clear, good tasting water.  As long as you drink that water, not only is it safe, but it tastes great.  I recommend keeping a pitcher of it in the refrigerator at all times so that you always have nice cold water available.  The tap water doesn’t taste that great, but it’s good water none the less.  It’s the San Jose city water, and it’s supposed to be safe, which is said about the entire cape, or Cabo region.  All the water in the entire region is good spring or well water, and they treat it.  If you get sick, it’s not likely that you got it from the water.

 As for the food in the area, there’s a little place about a hundred yards east, called Sardina Cantina which has very reasonably priced food, and as far as I’m concerned is very good food as well.  But, the location is nothing special, with tables and chairs next to the road, and a small inside eating area.  It’s not fancy, but we eat there all the time.  It’s also good for great American or Mexican take-out, because it’s so close to the condo.  Get their free menu and bring it to the condo so that you can call in your order, walk over and pick it up, and be eating on the condo deck within twenty minutes. 

Another cheap close place to eat that is reasonable is the Las Brisas Trailer Park restaurant, another fifty or seventy-five yards further east past Sardina Cantina, which has great Mexican food.  It’s a casual, but slightly more upscale place than Sardina Cantina.  It’s very reasonable, and we recommend it very highly.  Check out their breakfast menus.  Also, I think on every Thursday they offer all you can eat pork dinner, Mexican style.   They roast a pig, and it’s really very good.  Plus, they have wireless for free if you have a laptop, which is really convenient.  You can eat breakfast while checking your email.

There are other nearby restaurants such as Zippers, Cabo Surf Hotel, Havana a restaurant and jazz restaurant, and perhaps one or two I’m forgetting that would be a two or three dollar taxi ride, as they are within a mile or so away. Actually, you could walk to any of these places if you wanted. They’re all great.  There’s also a small, but sort of expensive little store next door to Cantina Sardina, within fifty yards of the condo complex that has all the basics, in case you don’t want to go to the big store, further up the road, like Soriana’s, four miles away.  Soriana’s is sort of like a Mexican style Wal-Mart.

There is a phone in the condo, and we only require that you to pay for any long distance calls that you make once we get the bill. Be prepared, as long distance calls to the U.S. are expensive.  The local calls are free from this phone.  We recommend that you get one of the calling cards down there for that, as that’s the best, cheapest way to call the U.S.  You can pick the up at any of the grocery stores, and they’re easy to use.

E-mail us with any questions that you may have. We love sharing information about the condo.